Ironton Dollar General extensively damaged by fire ‘of a suspicious origin’

Dollar General Fire - A fire did extensive damage to a Dollar General Store last week in Ironton. Firemen from 16 departments cooperated in bringing the blaze under control.

A fire last week did major damage to an Ironton business.

The Ironton Fire Department received a report of a fire at Dollar General Store on East Russell Street in Ironton on Tuesday, April 4.

Assistant Fire Chief Mike Yates said the department made it to the scene at 5:17 p.m.  By the time they left the building, it was 10:40 p.m. and they had been joined by 15 area fire departments.

“We ran a four inch line from the city’s water system, but there just wasn’t enough water pressure there to keep up,” Yates said. That line was supplemented by water tankers.

No employees or firefighters were injured as a result of the blaze.

“Most of the damage was in the receiving room where they kept all of their excess materials,” the Asst. Chief said. “That was a total loss.

“The fire did not actually get into the main part of the store, but we knocked down a lot of ceiling tiles trying to get water inside, so there was major smoke and water damage to the inside of the building.”

Yates said the fire seemed to originate in the receiving room, where collapsed cardboard boxes were temporarily kept in carts.

In the case of a commercial fire. Yates said has been on-scene.  He walked around this the marshal and said the fire is of a suspicious origin.

Crystal Ghassemi, a spokesperson for Dollar General Corporation, said in a written statement: “Dollar General’s store #1217 on 

East Russell Street in Ironton sustained significant damage during a fire earlier this week on April 4.  We are thankful all employees and customers exited the building safely and were not harmed.  Employees from the store will be temporarily relocated to support area stores. 

“We continue to work collaboratively with local authorities and the fire marshal on their review of what may have caused the fire. We are in the process of assessing the store’s damage and expect to have updated plans on the store’s future at the conclusion of that assessment. 

‘In the interim, we welcome customers to shop our two other Iron County locations in Viburnum and Annapolis.”

On Monday, Yates said, “They (Dollar General) have already been in contact with us asking when they could get into the building and start tearing it down for a rebuild.”