Letter to the Edior - No spiritual basis to the slaughter of the ACA

Dear Editor,

Should TrumpCare, the House of Representative’s alternative to Obamacare, actually pass the Senate, immediately the upper 20 percent of wealth holders get a significant tax savings while insurance costs will likely rise for everyone else. 

That’s not all: the insurance industry as a whole will be a beneficiary. They will now be able to return to the pre-Obamacare way of setting up insurance rates based upon what is most lucrative for their bottom-line and their stockholders. 

If one has a pre-existing condition, coverage will not be denied but it will cost so much more that many people will end up dropping their insurance despite their health problems. 

Are you 50 or older but not yet on Medicare? Well, you will be paying more, quite a bit more. Are you on Medicaid? Anticipate that if you are so abysmally poor as to be able to remain on Medicaid despite the Republican ordained cutbacks, none the less there will be a tightening of what the program will cover - including for seniors in nursing homes. 

Think you are safe because you have Medicare? Prescription costs will be rising and the financial footing of Medicare will be pushed closer to the edge. These same Republicans want to change Medicare into a voucher program which would further line the pockets of the insurance industry. 

Did Representative Jason Smith’s constituents, amongst the poorest in the nation and the most underinsured, want him to vote this way? Our representative supported it; no wonder he’s avoiding town-hall meetings! 

To the writer who complained a few weeks ago about letters picking on Mr. Trump, I make this apology: if you voted believing Mr. Trump would deliver better and more affordable health care, I do not mock your vote. You really thought Mr. Trump, would ‘change the system’ for the good, that he would deliver on his campaign promise to replace the ACA with something better, not the something much worse that’s now on the table which our President takes quixotic pride in having helped pass. 

But if you voted for Donald Trump simply to advance your own financial interests, I make no apology. I think pursuit of wealth by taking from those less fortunate is to be abhorred. 

Or if you voted out of racial bias and saw Mr. Trump and his right-wing cohorts as people who would enact white supremacy laws, again I make no apology. I believe in that old song, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.”

And if you voted “right wing” with hope that Mr. Trump would advance your religious principles, I ask you this: What religion advances itself by stomping on the poor, on the sick, on the elderly? 

I find no spiritual basis to the slaughter of the Affordable Care Act that has been committed by the House of Representatives with Donald Trump claiming bragging rights for its passage. 

Sue Hagan