Arcadia Sporting Goods 9, FSCB 5

Arcadia Sporting Goods Junior Co-Ed Baseball Team beat First State Community Bank 9-5 on June 14 at the Arcadia Valley Sports Complex. 

Zac Pinkley was the winning pitcher. 

In the 1st inning for Arcadia Sporting Goods, Ashley Hartwick struck out and reached 1st base on a wild pitch. Lucas McComb singled. Ethan Tiefenauer singled. Blake Scaggs singled in Hartwick and McComb. Dominic Mueller walked. Zac Pinkley forced Mueller at 2nd and Tiefenauer scored. 

In the 2nd inning for ASG, Hailey Hartwick and Ashley Hartwick walked. Lucas McComb doubled in Hailey Hartwick. Ethan Tiefenauer singled in Ashley Hartwick and McComb. Blake Scaggs singled. Zac Pinkley singled in Tiefenauer. Grant McWherter walked. Ashley Jones walked and Scaggs scored. Dravis Browers walked and Pinkley scored. 

In the 1st inning for First State Community Bank, Landon Martin and Maverick Maize walked. Collyar Maize doubled in Martin and Maverick Maize. Luke Williams walked. Collyar Maize scored. 

In the 2nd inning for FSCB, Damen Russell walked. In the 3rd inning for FSCB, Maverick Maize and Collyar Maize walked. Luke Williams singled in Maverick Maize. Owen Nichols singled in Collyer Maize.