Letters to the Editor - The antithesis to open democracy

Dear Editor,

For years during the last administration, all I heard from Republicans was how the Democrats “Crammed Obamacare down our throats.”  The bill actually had bipartisan approval and yet “Crammed Down our throats” was Republicans rallying cry. 

Footage of Sen. Claire McCaskill was on TV just now... she was slamming the Senate Republicans’ absurd plan to push through their secret healthcare bill.

In true Claire fashion, she called them out: “Trumpcare?” she stated, “There’s a bunch of guys in a backroom somewhere, and they’re not planning any Senate hearings.”

She must have really gotten under their skin because they responded with an avalanche of attacks, claiming Claire was “ranting and raving” when, in my opinion, she was just trying to do her job speaking out for Missourians!

 I say, “Go Sen. McCaskill! Rant and rave! Whatever it takes! Continue holding Republicans’ feet to the fire! Don’t let them get by without giving us real answers about their reckless plan!” 

The draft bill text needs to be released to the public. It needs to go through the regular Senate committee process. The debate over the ACA spanned better than a year and involved more than a hundred hearings, as well as adoption of multiple GOP-sponsored amendments.

The idea that a major party in American politics is going to try to pass landmark health care legislation without scheduling a single hearing, without listening to testimony from any health care experts, without allowing the other party to offer any amendments, and most importantly, without letting the American people know what’s in the bill in a timely manner is the antithesis of open democracy!

Even Sen. Marco Rubio has called them out: “So I have no problem with a group of people meeting to conduct a proposal.” He stated, “but ultimately that proposal cannot be rushed to the floor. So it’s fine if they’re working on the starting point. But ultimately we’re all going to need to see what’s in it. The whole world is going to see what’s in it. And then the rest of us are going to have an opportunity to make changes to it as a condition of our vote. The Senate is not a place where you can just cook up something behind closed doors and rush it for a vote on the floor.” 

I hope Sen. Rubio’s right. But there seems to be a lack of care by Republicans that millions will lose their healthcare.

Sen. Roy Blunt has supported President Trump and Speaker Ryan’s extreme plans to repeal health care - hardly thinking about how that will hurt Missouri families. Hundreds of thousands of Missourians could be left without health care and an estimated 47,000 Missourians could lose their jobs. We Missourians should be able to go to a doctor when we’re sick, regardless of our income or if we have pre-existing conditions like hypertension or diabetes. That’s unacceptable! 

Sen. Claire McCaskill, on the other hand, has always been out in front on affordable healthcare – she even introduced her own bill to make sure every person in Missouri has access to coverage.

Claire is up for re-election next year, and the GOP has put a target on her back to unseat her because she asks the tough questions! She stands up for the people and demands answers of the 

Republicans in the Senate. 

Losing Claire’s voice would make it that much more difficult to stop bad legislation from making its way to Trump’s desk. We need her voice in the Senate!

We need her to help stop the Republicans from “Cramming Trumpcare down our throats!” 

Roxanne Parker