License office, State Farm moves to Pilot Knob site

State Farm Insurance and the Ironton License Office are moving to new spaces in Pilot Knob.  The building is currently being remodeled.

Two businesses are moving out - out of Ironton, but not out of the Valley.

Amanda Shipman’s State Farm office has relocated from the Courhouse Square in Ironton to a remodeled building at 203 West Maple Street in Pilot Knob.  

In fact, she took that building and divided it into three office spaces that will also accomodate the Ironton License Office and a lease space for another business.

“We moved the State Farm office the first of July,” Shipman said. “The license bureau is closed (Tuesday, July 25) for the move and it will open on Wednesday, July 26 in Pilot Knob.”

Shipman operates the license office as a contractor and she petitioned the state for a name change.  When it reopens, it will be called the Arcadia Valley License Office.

“One of the biggest reasons for the move is that we now have handicapped access parking and they don’t have to hop a curb to get to our office,” she explained. “That was big for us.”

Another improvement is more parking and access to the highway.

“We are doing a complete renovation,” she added. “The roof, new wiring, new walls, ceilings, individual offices which are quieter and allow you to focus on 

your work.”

She said the feedback from her State Farm customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I thought maybe everyone would miss the beauty of our old office, but they think this one is just as beautiful,” Shipman said.  “They like the setup and the access of it.”

Amanda asked people to be careful around the ongoing construction, especially on the north end of the building.

A customer appreciation day is planned for around the first of September.