Letter to the Editor - 30 years of culture war

Dear Editor,

The Republican Party will not repeal and replace Obama Care. 

It’s not going to happen.

Over 50 times the House voted to repeal it and now cannot do it. Why?

Because it was always political theatre. It was meant to get people to vote for them who did not understand what was going on. None of these Republicans expected Donald Trump to win. This last vote they took to repeal, but not carry through on it until after the mid-term elections next year failed also. They know that if they just vote to repeal it without a replacement, it would create such havoc that they wouldn’t stand a chance in next year’s elections. And never forget that’s the most important thing to  Republicans - to get elected. Everything else is secondary.

It’s the same way with abortion. George W. Bush never spoke against the abortion issue. He realized the importance of the issue to get fellow Republicans elected.

They don’t want Roe vs. Wade reversed. It would eliminate their main wedge issue. 

It’s not going to happen. 

The Republican Party that claims to be pro-life has done nothing to actually care for the pregnant women and babies that they said they were concerned about.

They were so corrupted by power that they took their evangelical friends for granted and played them for suckers. Roe vs. Wade has given us 30 years of culture war. The results have been tragic. It has given us terrible leadership-and just think of the houses that we could have built for poor people with all the money both sides have wasted.

We have that poor leadership now to contend with. Donald Trump will go down in history as the worst president ever produced. How could such a spoiled little rich brat, so clearly overmatched by the job, ever become president?


Bob Roney