Letter to the Editor - The wall will never be built

Dear Editor,

Donald Trump’s support is getting weaker and weaker, but he still has the support of about 25 percent of the people in this country - mainly the Klan, the Neo Nazis and the  Evangelical Christians. They will support the position he took down in Charlottesville without question. 

Now the spoiled little rich brat is threatening to shut down the government if the American people don’t pay for his wall across the Mexican border; a promise he made during the election campaign that he knew he couldn’t keep when he made it.

Tax reform. When the Republicans talk about tax reform, they are not talking about changing the code, they are talking about tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the poor. They are not talking about reforming the code to give the poor people and the middle class new breaks. Its is always tax cuts for the rich. Always remember - tax laws are made by the rich for the rich, but there is not going to be anything coming from the Trump administration. There will be no tax cuts for anyone. It is not going to happen. There is no money for it.

Mexico has said time and time again that they are not going to pay for a wall; a wall that will be a huge waste of money. This wall will never be built. It is simply another campaign promise that a lot of people believed, that will never happen. Trump knew all the time that it wouldn’t be built.

Bob Roney