Letter to the Editor - What is Pro-Life?

Dear Editor,

Last week’s The Mountain Echo featured Congressman Smith’s weekly newsletter. Smith made an appeal to Pro Life voters, clearly hopeful they will be single-issue voters next year and ignore all the other political issues that affect our lives. I suspect most pro-life voters are not as single minded as Smith thinks they are. 

Smith gives no consideration to what would have happened to the women if abortion is prohibited; lives permanently disrupted with physical, mental and economic problems related to unwanted pregnancies. No mention is made that 40 percent of women seeking abortions already have children: how would their lives be affected? And what about those who would not have ever been born had their mother been denied the right to a safe abortion. As one woman 


Frankly, I think it is up to the Second Amendment people to elucidate how they think gun violence should be reduced. If it’s not guns that are killing Americans in disproportionate numbers compared to citizens of Canada, Australia, Britain, France and a host of other nations with gun regulations, what is wrong with us? If it is indeed mental illness that is the problem, would the NRA please tell us what should be done? 

Donald Trump said meeting survivors in Las Vegas was “wonderful,” perhaps a poor word choice, then returned to DC to focus attention on reducing contraceptive coverage for women and on getting the tax reform he and his family, and the Koch brothers, want done. 

With the Nation’s attention focused on hurricanes and gun shootings, the House of Representatives swiftly passed a bill which, if approved by the Senate, will cut Medicaid spending by $1 trillion and Medicare by $473 billion. So much for expanding mental health services. As a bonus, the House of Representatives urged an additional $37 billion in cuts for affordable housing, a $100 billion cut from Pell Grants for college assistance, a cut to Head Start by $3 billion, and the gutting of WIC (the program that provides food assistance to 1.25 million women, infants, and children). Do the math - all of this budget cutting is to enable $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for the extremely rich. 

So maybe it was not such a bad week for all conservatives: Trump and kin seem destined to profit quite well despite the catastrophes. 

Also we had the resignation of a Republican representative over the revelation that he had encouraged his mistress to get an abortion when she thought she was pregnant. His undoing was not the dalliance but rather the hypocrisy of a supposedly anti-abortion crusader using different rules for conducting his own affairs. 

No, this was not a good week for Republicans, but that seems to be the new norm since last January.


Sue Hagan