Letter to the Editor - A real choice

Dear Editor, 

Thank you, Mountain Echo, for revealing the positions of the candidates running in the February 6 special election. 

I was struck by the philosophical difference between Jim Scaggs and Chris Dinkins, reflected well in two issues: attracting businesses and improving education. 

The Democrat candidate thinks there are businesses wanting to locate in the area, but they want internet infrastructure to be available. 

The Republican thinks businesses don’t want to come to our area because too many rural people have a bad work ethic. 

The Democrat is concerned about revenue cuts impairing rural education and how vouchers and charter schools would worsen that problem. 

The Republican thinks parents are irresponsibly failing to help their children be successful and don’t want teachers disciplining the children. 

I think these differences in themselves show two philosophical party differences: one wants government to be a helping hand to boost citizens and towns upwards, whereas the other sees government “hand holding” as the problem. 

Voters have a real choice in the upcoming election.

Sue Hagan