Letter to the Editor - The future of our hospital

Dear Editor,


What would you do if you discovered your neighbor had been caring for your loved one at their own expense? Would you offer to assist in some way, would you offer to cover their cost or would you just blow it off and say “well that’s what they are there for”?

How about another scenario? You are a non-for-profit business owner. You have seen a need in your community for quality pencils that you can get close to home. You sell pencils for a $1.00 with a cost of 75 cents. You have a small profit that covers your employee salary, the one that runs the counter, and that covers the cost of the building, which you sell your pencils out of. Some of your customers utilize insurance to buy your pencils. Because of their insurance, those customers only have to pay 25 cents. This is a really good deal for those customers.

Now, you have a contract with the insurance company that they only pay 25 cents for each pencil sold. As you can see, for every pencil you sell to the customer that utilizes this particular insurance company, your company not only doesn’t make money or break even, but it is losing money. How long do you think you will be able to provide this service for your customers?

After attempting to renegotiate payment with the insurance company, they have refused to change. You could refuse to accept this insurance, but then the customer is in the same boat of having to go farther away to obtain a quality pencil or having to pay the total cost plus pay for their insurance, which is doing them no good at that point.

I painted these pictures to illuminate the future of our hospital. You are now informed of what your neighbor has been doing. The question now is what do you plan to do about it? Will you offer to assist in some way, offer to cover the cost or just blow it off and say “well that’s what they are there for?”

If you choose to assist, one way is to support the hospital proposed tax on April’s ballot. It is a .5 percent sales tax. I know, I know, not more taxes. I don’t like it either, but I really don’t like the idea of at 2 a.m. having to send my loved one to Farmington for medical treatment because they are the closest and the weather is too bad for the helicopters to fly.


Michelle Whited, RN