Lesterville FBLA members earn District Conference awards

Lesterville Future Business Leaders of America members.


On Saturday, February 17, Lesterville students competed at the FBLA District Leadership Conference at Mineral Area College in Park Hills. 

The following students won these FBLA District awards: 

1st Place- Journalism- Libby Orr

1st Place- Help Desk- Jadon Lanham

1st Place- Client Service- Elly Ratliff

1st Place- Computer Problem Solving- Jadon Lanham

1st Place- Management Decision Making- Vince Mathes, Cameron Boyer & Tray Amsden

2nd Place- Intro to Parliamentary Procedures- Miles Winn

2nd Place- Cyber Security- Jadon Lanham

2nd Place- Website Design- Rhylan Gray & Hannah Steward

2nd Place- Broadcast Journalism- Abby Robbs & Elly Ratliff

2nd Place- Healthcare Administration- Laney Bailey

3rd Place- Healthcare Administration- Emma Reese

4th Place- Economics- Drew Richardson

4th Place- Intro to Financial Math- Brendan Myers

4th Place- Journalism- Holden Laughman

5th Place- Journalism- Brendan Myers

5th Place- Personal Finance- Kelley Bettes

5th Place- Intro Information Technology- Brendan Myers

5th Place- Public Speaking- Hannah Sellers


FBLA State Qualifiers: 

Libby Orr

Jadon Lanham

Vinces Mathes

Cameron Boyer

Tray Amsden

Kelley Bettes

Miles Winn

Elly Ratliff

Emma Reese

Laney Bailey

Brendan Myers

Holden Laughman

Hannah Sellers

Drew Richardson