Ironton to annex land it already owns

The Ironton Board of Aldermen has begun a process to annex property into the city limits that was purchased some time ago.

“We are in the process of annexing property into the city limits that the city owns, specifically land on Shepherd Mountain and around Shepherd Mountain Lake,” said Ironton Mayor Bob Lourwood. “The city bought the property, but it was never annexed into the city. So, we own it, but we don’t govern it. That doesn’t make any sense.”

The land encompasses approximately 1,000 acres in 11 parcels. Shepherd Mountain Lake is actually within the city limits. However, there are two parcels just west of the lake that are not.

“This is something we have been talking about for a few years,” the mayor said. “We have found evidence that there are people who are target practicing on Shepherd Mountain and in some of the areas where they are target practicing, they are actually shooting towards residential areas. Until the property is annexed, the city has no ability to stop it.”

All the necessary deed research to actually identify all the parcels has been finished. At its regular meeting this month, the board passed a resolution to annex the property. During the April meeting the board will hold a public hearing and at the May meeting the board will vote on the ordinance authorizing the move.