Letter to the Editor - All the same


Dear Editor,

I read the letters, week to week, from these bright eyed, bushy tailed “reformers” telling us what we need to do to make our government better, and I have to laugh. Republicans versus democrats, this superbowl-type mentality that “my side has to win,” when in the end they are all the same, they all answer to money, both sides of the aisle, all three branches.

They say if you remember the 60’s you weren’t there, but I was there. When I left West Point for Notre Dame, I immediately joined the protests against materialism, civil rights, and against the Viet Nam war. I don’t know what I was - Anarchist? Socialist? Anti-whoever’s in office? We had just seen a truly great president, Eisenhower, and he had duly warned us “beware of the Military Industrial Complex.” No one listened, but we knew.

There was Camelot, with my hero John Kennedy, and then he was gone. The Warren commission was an absolute joke, and I remember how disappointed I was that the American majority actually believed that fantasy. Over and over I saw our government “fool” Americans. When LBJ came to power and we were suddenly deep in the Viet Nam war, I understood. Money.

There was hope with Bobby Kennedy - the true brains behind the scenes, trying to get us out of a war 

started under false pretenses, with no real objective goals. Dean Rusk, Sec. of State, later mourned for his support and involvement of Viet Nam. Bobby had to be eliminated.


With Reagan, I went Republican, but there are two Ronald Reagans - the first was full of vitality, standing up to the Iron curtain, passing laws helping middle America, giving vibrant speeches, and giving us all hope with his promises. But then the assassination attempt brought us Reagan 2nd. He did what he was told.


With the coming of the criminals - Bush the 1st, Clinton, and Bush 2nd, I abandoned both parties realizing that both were corrupt, both represented the interests of money, and became a Libertarian - the party with no hope of winning. How could they? No money.

Sheik Obama spent $10 trillion dollars in doubling our national debt. He gave $3 trillion to bankers that should have been in jail for fraud, corruption and money laundering, money which was never seen after disappearing in offshore accounts. Some 600,000 people in the Mideast are now dead, the blood on his head, and we have an immigration crises that is solely due to his foreign policy - yet he is lionized.


The first six months of Trump was astounding, I actually thought that he might really have the best interests of American citizens in mind, but now he, too, has given into the interest of money. He is no different - just a rebrand started under false pretenses, with no real objective goals. And we have an Immigration crises that is solely due to his foreign policy - yet he is lionized ..... money.

Henry Kissinger, in a speech to the Council of Foreign Relations, the moneyed interest of the world, stated - (I paraphrase), “If the U.S. is to enter the one world government and economy, the standard of living of the average American has got to be reduced.”

And this is what our government has been methodically doing. The latest study shows that we have the most billionaires of any nation, and per capita, the widest disparity of income - read “poverty.”

A government that is ruled by the rich is called a plutocracy. I would say this: all governments, be they communist, socialist, parliamentarian or a democracy, are doomed to become a plutocracy. In all cases the rich slowly gain the upper hand. They make laws that protect themselves. They make laws that further their own interests. Greed is all-consuming, they will never get enough - they will always find ways to increase their own wealth at the expense of the poor and middle class.

So I read these letters in our newspaper from head-in-the-sand idealists, who are copying almost word to word from their propaganda sites, and laugh, “We have to take back congress to our side.” “We have to have greater transparency.”

“We have to have term limits” etc. and it is all laughable.

Do you really think our congressmen from either side of the aisle would actually vote against their cash cows? Do you really think we will ever see our lawmakers turn traitors on their rich masters and vote for laws that make the distribution of wealth more equitable? Do you really believe Republicans or democrats will do this?

We have obvious solutions to our health care, to education, to taxes, to energy production, from models done by countries that are successful at these endeavors. How simple is it just to follow their lead? Yet we don’t. For the middle class, college education, health care insurance, taxation is slowly but surely taking everything from us.


A coming example - Right to Work Laws. Coming in November, we will vote on this - and so much money will be thrown into this by the rich that we will actually pass a law which curtails unions, which gives rich CEO’s from their Ivory towers complete control over our lives - from wages to benefits. Wait and see.

History has shown us, over and over, that there actually is no solution to a plutocracy that is legal or peaceful. Likewise - there is no solution that will solve the problems with our own governmental plutocracy. The U.S. has not been at war only 17 years out of its total existence since 1776. War is money. War makes rich men richer, paid for with the blood of the poor. Likewise, we will always have slowly increasing taxes on the middle class, with tax breaks for the rich. Don’t think for a minute that the plutocracy is not even now rubbing their hands in greedy anticipation of taking our retirements and social security from us - that’s next on the plate. We will give countries that hate us, that do not respect us, billions, but we will take away from our own people.

So how much misery does a nation endure before they come to the ONLY solution to a plutocracy and storm the Bastille?


L. Charles McHenry