Letter to the Editor - Barbaric practice

Dear Editor,

I don’t watch Fox News (unless checking into a hotel) and therefore I do not know how Fox News is presenting Trump Administration’s barbaric practice of taking children away from their parents and putting the kids in confined settings.

Yes, many of these parents have sought what is deemed illegal entrance into the USA (though they hadn’t been given a legal hearing when the children were removed), but that does not justify the punitive response given to these children for their parents’ alleged crimes.

The stories are horrific: Children screaming as they are swept away with not even a chance to say farewell, kids kept in former Wal-Mart buildings and given just two hours per day of outside air, parents being told their children were going for showers only to find they were not coming back.

To those devout Christians who have been strong Trump supporters, ask yourselves whether Jesus would approve of what is being done to these little children in the name of “make America great again!” Trump’s new North Korea friend believes cruelty is a motivator to get obedience to power, and apparently Attorney Jeff Sessions thinks 

the same, but I would hope most genuinely spiritual persons would not countenance what is happening. The Pope has condemned this outrageous policy, even suggesting communion be withheld from those who support it. It echoes loudly the horror of the slave markets when children were ripped from their mother’s arms.

A few Republicans have attempted to get the child removal practice ended but they have been thwarted by Trump. Please contact Rep. Smith and Senator Blunt and ask them if they are going to stand idly by or if he is willing to fight for ending this horrible practice. With enough citizen pressure, our politicians just might do the right thing, and if they don’t they should not be re-elected. You could be part of the solution or remain part of the problem.


Sue Hagan