Unpardonable - Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Trump is taking early and full advantage of his power to grant pardons, much to the delight of those anti-government people who think any crime against “the feds” is a victory for their right wing causes. But before celebrating Trump’s recent granting of pardons to two Oregon ranchers who pled guilty to crimes on federal lands and who were half-way through their five-year prison sentence, consider what their crime was: arson. Arson with a capital A.

One of the fires was set to cover up evidence of their having hunted illegally. Another was set because these men knew there were fire fighters (Bureau of Land Management employees) in the area who would be in danger as the fire spread—they tried to kill fire fighters.

Even if you don’t live on land adjoining the Mark Twain National Forest, only the most stupid of us would have any sympathy for someone who intentionally sets fires. And what kind of sympathy do legitimate hunters have for poachers? And it is really a depraved mind that would think intentionally endangering the lives of fire fighters should be a pardonable crime?

And yet our President gave them a pardon!


Sue Hagan