Letter to the Editor - "Above the law"

Dear Editor,

Recently an attack ad against Senator McCaskill accused her of being insensitive to victims of domestic violence because her husband was accused (but never prosecuted) of abuse in his previous marriage - yet the nearly two dozen accusations of Trump sexually abusing women are dismissed.

The outrageous attack ad is the kind of dirty politics that have long characterized political campaigning. But now something new has been added: a foreign country is doing the cyber equivalent of Watergate by breaking into the data of the Democrat Party and is spreading truly fake news through social media.

In 2016 Russian hackers obtained and distributed information, real and false, that in all likelihood influenced the outcome of the presidential election. Now there is overwhelming evidence that Russia continues its computer sabotage and there is strong evidence that Senator McCaskill, running for re-eletion, has been a victim of Russian ‘phishing’ attacks.

What is Trump’s response? During his 2016 campaign he was asked by the FBI and CIA to report any attempts by Russians reaching out to him and/or his campaign staff but he did not do so. He’s had more than a year and a half as President to develop plans to prevent Russian infiltration into our election system and yet he’s done nothing. He has sought to reduce sanctions against Russia intended to penalize them for their intrusion. He’s repeatedly raised doubts as to whether Russia is even meddling in our election. Most recently he even tweeted the Attorney General should shut down the investigation (in the face of citizen outrage, GOP politicians rushed in to say Trump was just joking - as if!).

We may well be in the most dangerous time in this nation’s history: if the President of the USA is allowed not only to use the nation’s highest office for personal and family gain, but  also is permitted to allow foreign nations to use corrupt means to influence our electoral system, then the legitimacy of our democracy is at stake. His tweet requesting Sessions to end the Mueller investigation is not a laughing matter.

Our unpopularly elected president is now putting himself above the law. Can this nation and the Constitution survive until November?


Sue Hagan