Historical Society wins grant for Oral History Project

Bill Sheehy accepts a grant check from MoSGA’s Education Director Jenna Mills at the MoSGA Annual Luncheon held on August 11 in Columbia.

The Iron County Historical Society was recently selected as one of the Missouri State Genealogical Society’s (MoSGA) 21st Century Fund Grant Program award winners for 2018.  Two members of the historical society’s board of directors, Charlie Brooks and Bill Sheehy, travelled to Columbia to receive the $1,000 grant check during MoSGA’s Annual Conference on August 11.

The historical society’s mission has always been to preserve and share Iron County’s rich history.  According to Bill Sheehy, the new oral history project will preserve important aspects of the county’s history by video recording interviews of persons who participated in the events first hand.  The project will also involve instructing members in the best principles and practices of oral history and, to this end, he has already sought out and gained support for the project from experts at the State Historical Society of Missouri and locally at the Arcadia Valley Career Tech Center.

The grant itself will be used to purchase the equipment and software needed to get the project off the ground.  A committee has already been formed within the historical society by members interested in learning more about oral history and anyone else interested in this project can contact Bill Sheehy directly by phone at 573-546-3536 or emailing to billsheehy42@hotmail.com.