Arcadia Academy students earn MMTA ratings

Students earn MMTA ratings - From left:  Kailyn George, Dylan George, Audrey McCulley, MacKenzie McAllister and Emily Parker (teacher) - photo taken at The Baptist Home.

Several students from the Arcadian Academy of Music participated in the District Competition for the Missouri Music Teachers Association held in Cape Girardeau on Friday, September 21.  The students performed two or more solo Classical pieces in either piano or voice. 

Three of the students:  Kailyn George of Farmington (9th grade piano), MacKenzie McAllister of Farmington (9th grade piano), and Audrey McCulley of Annapolis (12th grade voice) received I ratings and will compete at the State MMTA Conference in November.

Dylan George of Farmington (12th grade piano) received a II rating. 

Prior to competing at the District Festival, all four students performed for residents of The Baptist Home.