4H Roundup

by Chase Sayles

Special to the Mountain Echo


Hello! This is your local Iron county 4-H youth president, Chase. 

I would like to tell you about some of our major programs we have going on in our club. You can participate in our dog class, shotgun class and hit bullseyes in our archery class. 

Today I want to talk about archery. Every other Thursday at 6 p.m. our archery team meets at the Lions Club Fairgrounds, where our instructor, Charles Sayles, will get you hitting the X in no time. 

If you already have a bow you can bring it or if you do not 4-H will provide you with one. In this class, archers will learn safety rules, basic archery skills, as well as discipline and focus.

This past year our team went to the State Archery Competition where hundreds competed in shooting 60 arrows at a target. The archers worked in strings of shooting five arrows. The strings work at the blow of a horn. 

The first blow informs the archers to get to the line. The second blow tell the archers to commence firing. Every archer then begins to fire their five arrows. After the five arrows are shot, the archers step back from the line. Third blow of the horn tells the archers to head towards their target for scoring by the scorers. 

Once scored the archers may remove their arrows then return to the line and the process repeats until all 60 arrows have been shot. 

I personally was able to compete and had a great time. 

I would be pleased to have you join my team mates and I at our next meeting. Hope to see you there. 

For more information or to join 4-H contact Brad Coleman, our 4-H youth specialist, at the County Extension office at 573-546-7515.