Thanksgiving service aids the work of the AVMA

A Community Thanksgiving Service, sponsored by The Arcadia Valley Ministerial Alliance (AVMA) was held Sunday evening, November 18. 

It was hosted by Ste. Marie du Lac Catholic Church in Ironton and The Rev. Father Jim Unterreiner.

The service was attended by nearly 100 people representing over 10 different churches and ministries. 

The service included a Community Choir made up of over 20 voices from different churches as well. The choir was under the direction of Terry Tate.

Readers of the Scripture included: Rev. Marty Blakey of the AV United Methodist Church, Pastor Larry Booth of the Penuel Fellowship Church, Associate Pastor Don Stroudtman of Stout’s Creek Baptist Church, and Nathan McKie of the Luke 16 Corp.

Rev. Adam Logan, pastor of the Arcadia Valley Assembly of God delivered the sermon. He spoke of the dangers of not bringing Thanksgiving to the Lord and what giving thanks really means. 

Father Unterreiner opened and closed the service, while Pastor Danny Ray Chappell of DRC Ministries took the offering and gave the Thanksgiving Prayer.

Afterward, everyone was encouraged to partake of refreshments in the Fellowship Hall. 

Proceeds of the night’s offering went to the General Fund of the AVMA. At present the offering amounts to  $1,019.02. The AVMA will use these funds to assist those in need with up to $50 per family, every 6 months.

Year to date, the AVMA has helped more than 50 families with utilities, lodging and/ medication. The organization has also given out gasoline vouchers to over 70 families. 

AVMA took in offerings, excluding the Thanksgiving offering, of $3,342.74. Their expenditures for the year, thus far were $4,650.72. That leaves a $1,307.98 difference. It is a difference made up by Sunday’s Thanksgiving offering.

The AVMA also sponsors a yearly Back-to-School Fair. This last year the fair assisted 115 students with school supplies, spending over $1,300, most of which came in the form of donations from the Arcadia Valley communities.

Those wishing to assist in the efforts of the AVMA to help the hurting and misfortunate can do so by making a year end gift, or monthly contribution to AVMA through their local church.

Otherwise, they can send an Offering to AVMA, PO Box 161, Ironton, MO 63650.