Did you get yours yet?

Dear Editor,

Apparently Trump’s father paid the doctor very well so that “Cadet Bonespurs” would not have to serve a single day in the Army. That’s only for the poor kids.

The doctor that he bought to submit bogus reports has now come forth and admitted to it: another lie exposed. But then, he’s told so many that it doesn’t really shock anyone anymore. That’s like the one he told about money from his father - that he borrowed his first million and then made it on his own after that. But the facts are that he was drawing $200,000 in interest from the money his father had already given to him when he was eight years old.

Yet this spoiled little rich brat and his children continue to have the complete liberty to turn the White House into their own private ATM machine. And these grifters are collecting big.

Nixon’s Watergate doesn’t even begin to compare to the Trumps. He is more a Russian asset then he is an American. There were some Republicans who refused to go against Nixon during Watergate, but nothing like this bunch. History will not judge this bunch very well.

One of his biggest lies was right before the mid-term elections when he told everyone in the United States that he was going to give them all a 10 percent across the board tax break. Did you get yours yet?

How much longer do we have to listen to this bloviating liar?


Bob Roney

Middle Brook