The Don can see the impending doom

by Chuck Banks


“Build the wall or shut it down!”

“Terrorists are coming across the border and we can’t stop them without a wall.”

Outrageous claims made by our treasonous President all for the purpose of keeping his supporters focused on the wall and not on his dastardly deeds.

While Trump’s GOP supporters rail over $5 billion in wasted funding, Trump is doing his best to satisfy his future investors by pulling our troops out of Syria. There has been a flurry of Trump activity as the end of this congress approaches and Mueller closes in on the Trump campaign. The Don can see the impending doom and wants to ensure that after he is out of office, his company will reap the benefits. The health of his company is more important than the health of our country.

In a few short days all those seeds of discontent that he has sewn over the past two years will grow into a choking mass of weeds. Maxine Waters, a congresswoman who Trump referred to as a person of low intelligence, will be the Chair of the powerful Financial Services Committee and will certainly subpoena his tax records and investigate his involvement with the Deutsche Bank as well as his finances from other foreign sources.

Trump referred to the soon to be Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff as “little Adam Shitt” in a tweet that went viral.

It’s going to be a rough year for the liar in chief. And so, his strategy is to create a diversion that will keep his base solidly behind him, and that is the wall.

I think Speaker Pelosi will have a few tricks of her own once the gavel is in her hand. Trump’s “wall play” has a few problems. First, it is built on a lie. The President promised that he would have Mexico build the wall. He said that a hundred times during the campaign, so to hold the government hostage because of his failure to fulfill his promise is a weak platform. It is also part of his hardline stand on refugees, which is proving to be cruel and inhumane as children are dying and families are torn apart.

The fact that Trump has closed the legal ports of entry for refugees, to prevent them from entering the country legally, forces them to enter the country illegally. The fact is, these are human beings and should be treated with the same respect as every other human being.

At a time when we celebrate the birth of the greatest teacher of compassion and love, the United States is being cruel and inhumane. Perhaps the evangelicals should consider this and open their eyes to the fact that this president is not who he says he is, and his actions are their actions.

If for no other reason than to save the lives of the oppressed, this President must go.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Banks is the Chairman of the 8th Congressional District for the Missouri Democratic Party, the Vice Chairman of the Wayne County Central Committee, State Party Committeeman, and recreational farmer. He can be contacted at 573-224-3247 or by email at