Shutdown: People took these jobs knowing the risk

by Ray Rehder

Does anyone remember who won the 1994 World Series?  Of course not, the series was cancelled that year due to a player’s strike.  As a result attendance dropped as fan’s attention in the game suffered until the 1998 homerun chase renewed interest in the game.  I bring up the 1994 World Series because most everyone with any interest in baseball remembers that strike and how it lasted into the 1995 season.

What about the government shutdown of 1995?  Or those that occurred in 2011, 2013, 2017 or the three day shutdown in January, 2018?  Did anyone even know we had them?  Of course not, because we all survived and none of our lives were effected in any way.

Listening to the Washington democrats and the left-leaning members of the media, you would think this shutdown will be a monumental event in American history as they put their typical spin on this.  The truth is, the entire federal government is not shutdown; only “non-essential” government employees are affected by this.  And when an agreement is finally reached, all will go back to work and receive their retroactive pay as they have following the previous 20 plus government shutdowns.    

Those blaming the president for this will at some point focus on a few employees that were affected and tell a story sad enough to inspire a country song.  It will be very unlikely these same people will tell stories of how staff members of Republicans, who lost their election last month, will be totally out of a job in January.  I am a compassionate person. but I am also a realist.  The reality is that these people took these jobs knowing the risk.  Very similar to a man that takes a job as a roofer, understanding he will not work much during the winter months.

Set aside the billions of dollars in government waste every year that could have easily been taken out of the budget or allocated toward the border wall.  This shutdown isn’t about not having the 5 billion dollars the president wanted to begin construction; this is 100 percent about their resistance to giving President Trump anything he wants for the good of our country and keeping his promise to the American people.

The sad thing is, every DC democrat opposing the president gave interviews or made speeches on the floor prior to 2015 condemning illegal immigration into our country.  In just a few years, they have all changed course 180 degrees to the point of supporting amnesty, sanctuary cities, the elimination of ICE, and have altered their wording from illegal to “undocumented” immigrants.

Their hypocrisy cannot be explained, even by them.  Every one of them say they are for border control, but in the same breath oppose the wall.  Also none of them will give their definition of border control; but based on their opposition, their idea of border control seems to be placing members of the DNC at the border to register illegal immigrants as democrats as they cross over from Mexico.

Based on the democrat leadership’s “oppose Trump” strategy, I would offer the president a piece of advice.  He should call a press conference shortly after the first of the year and speak on how he is in favor of open borders and encourage as many as possible from other countries to come to the USA illegally.  He should also announce that he will sign an executive order allowing all of them to vote and speak on how the wall will never get built during his presidency.  Because they refuse to ever agree with the president, within a month the democrat controlled house will pass a bill to fund the border wall.  Not because they want it, but because opposing Trump is their only agenda.

Ray Rehder is the chair of the 8th District Republican Committee, chair of the Scott County Republican Central Committee, and chair of the 148 Republican Legislative District. He can be reached at