Letter to the Editor - "Love Thy Neighbor" is action

Dear Editor,

The concept of Love Thy Neighbor is not a new one but putting those words into action is rarely done. A conversation about mission work in other states caused local Christians in the greater Viburnum community to look a little closer to home for missions work.

The scope and concept of Love Thy Neighbor is to love neighbors through working on their home, making repairs, replacing roofs, painting and anything else they may need but are unable to do themselves or afford to pay someone to do.

Pastor Justin Perry of the Viburnum First Baptist Church said, “The second greatest commandment by God is to Love Thy Neighbor, Matthew 22:39. This is not a catch phrase in Viburnum, we do this.”

Homeowners who seek help with repairs will complete applications that demonstrate the need for repairs and submit them to the Love Thy Neighbor group for consideration. Homeowners who are selected pay nothing for the services or material. Several projects will be inspected and plans will be put in place including a proposed budget. A plan was set in motion with a goal set of $10,000 to purchase material and supplies for needed repairs. Fund raisers have begun, businesses and individual’s will make donations of materials, supplies and services.

The volunteer workers who are mostly youth affiliated with area churches are encouraged to pay a fee in order to volunteer their time. Those fees will provide for supplies, materials, food and drinks for the event. Nearly one hundred people typically volunteer in some capacity that include the workers on the projects along with support staff that cook three meals a day, deliver lunch, supplies, drinks and cleaned the church where the volunteers stay each night.

After each project is completed, the crew working on the home will provide the homeowner with a Bible and each worker signs a yard sign that will be placed in the yard during the time the home is being worked on. Cheryl Mayfield, one of the leaders of the Love Thy Neighbor project, said, “we have had some awesome experiences with the homeowners in the past during our devotion time while we work on their home.”

The 2019 Edition of the “Love Thy Neighbor” program has already started with planning meetings and a Valentines Day Fund Raising Dinner to be held on February 9, at the Viburnum Golf and Country Club. The work of the “Love Thy Neighbor” program will be held during the week of June 23-27. For more information contact Pastor Justin Perry of the First Baptist Church of Viburnum at 573-368-8941.

Lance Mayfield