Letter to the Editor - Words Matter

Dear Editor,

Words shape our thoughts and guide our actions.  Words are a reflection of what’s in our minds, and an echo of what’s in our hearts.  Words can unleash a fountain of life or a pool of poison.

What a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today.  Vulgar expressions and obscene comments seem to be the order of the day.  Public discussion and debate is defiled by disgusting and disgraceful dialog.

Shame on the public figures who should be setting an example by maintaining a higher standard of public discourse.

Shame on the so called  entertainers, who pollute their music, movies, humor, and shows with trash talk, indecent gestures, and off-color skits.

Shame on the media that panders to such coarse rhetoric and put a spotlight on illicit graphics.

Shame on all those who tolerate this corruption and find secret satisfaction in reviewing or repeating it.

The decline of our public discourse is leading our culture on a rapid decline and headed toward a total collapse.  The condition of our culture is at stake and the situation is critical.

Unless there is a rejection of this trend and a return to civility, we’ll surely reap what we sow.

Vernon Lee

rural Ironton