Detmers celebrate 50th anniversary

Larry and Phillis Dettmer

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dettmer, of Arcadia, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on February 14. They were married at Black Mountain Baptist Church on Feb. 14, 1969.

The couple has resided in Arcadia since their union and are the parents of Jill Sutton and Mindy Pingel. Jill and husband, Steve Sutton, live in Arcadia. Mindy and husband, Clint Pingel, live in Farmington. The Dettmers have four grandchildren, Caleb Sutton, Kyle Sutton, Cassie Sutton, and Allison Pingel.

Larry and Phyllis were honored for their 50th at a celebration put on by their daughters, Jill and Mindy. A host of family and friends helped them celebrate in the Laundry House at the Arcadia Academy on Feb. 16, 2019. Their wedding cake was recreated by Violet Kennedy, mother of Phyllis.