The real troubles are back in the 8th District

by Chuck Banks


Congressman Jason Smith has published an column that states that the Mueller report vindicates President Trump of any collusion with the Russian interference in the last Presidential election.

At a time when every Democrat is trying to get a copy so that they might read the report, including the chair of the House Judiciary committee, Jason Smith seems to have read the report. He also seems to have forgotten what every American has witnessed. How many times have you seen the video clip of candidate Trump standing at the podium, and calling for Russia to find Hillary’s emails? How many times have we been reminded that Russia, on that very day, hacked into the DNC and other Democratic servers? It was certainly not a coincidence.

It was however, in keeping with Trumps method of deception where he hints at or asks that something might happen when he knows that it has happened or is about to happen.  The only logical answer is that Stone or Maniford told Trump that Russia had, or was about to hack, so the sociopath called for it to happen. That might not be collusion, just sneaky opportunism.

Democrats also thought that the Mueller report would get to the bottom of the Trump Tower meeting. We all know that the meeting happened. We all know that Junior called the meeting because Russians claimed to have “dirt” on Hillary. We also know that President Trump sent an email to Junior telling him to lie and claim it was about adoption of Russian orphans. So, it simply doesn’t add up that Mueller would have avoided these widely published events, or that he simply accepts these events as imaginary.

Jason Smith has a view of these events that comes from his current position far up the president’s cave of deception.  The fact that Congressman Smith would publish and send to every newspaper and subscriber to his newsletter the claim that the Mueller report proclaims anything when only Attorney General Bar has read the report demonstrates his bias and prejudice in favor of Trump and the Trump band of criminals and felons.

Smith supports Trumps policy of deception. Smith supports the Presidents policy of destroying Central American families who are seeking refuge. Smith supports Trumps tax giveaway to the wealthy. Smith supports Trumps tariffs that are destroying farm markets. Smith is simply completely caught up in the extreme rightwing Washington swamp, and has forsaken the people of the 8th CD who are the poorest in the state and right down there with Mississippi in poverty and despair.

Never forget that a child born in Pemiscot County in Jason’s district has a shorter life expectancy than a child born in Honduras. Jason is all about the partisan battles in Washington and has forgotten that the real troubles are back at home.


Charles ‘Chuck’ Banks is the Chairman of the 8th Congressional District for the Missouri Democratic Party, the Vice Chairman of the Wayne County Central Committee, State Party Committeeman, and recreational farmer. He can be contacted at 573-224-3247 or by email at