Letter to the Editor - Undermining Democracy

Dear Editor,

The Missouri Legislature now wants to undermine Democracy in this state by getting rid of the “Clean Missouri Act” voted on by the people of Missouri in the last election. Sixty-two percent of the voters voted yes. Now, much to my disgust, these Republicans want to tell you that you didn’t know what you were doing, and that “they” want a new vote.

The Republicans definitely do not want to see the end of gerrymandering.  That is the edge they need to continuously win. Right now in the state of Missouri, there are about 70 districts controlled by Republicans, that are so gerrymandered that Democrats do not even run against them.  They win unopposed.  There is no reason to spend your time and money to run when you can’t win.  The election has already been decided. The Republicans will do anything to maintain this huge advantage and keep their control over state government.

When you add their voter suppression schemes to that, then the Republican starts his campaign with a 10 to 12 percent advantage immediately.  That is hard to overcome when, if it were a fair race, would normally be determined by a three to five percent margin.  Republicans want to win.  They don’t really care how they win, just as long as they win. Fairness? Forget it.

I would warn Republicans that the demographics in Missouri are rapidly changing.  When you try to overturn the will of the people, you do so at your own peril.

Bob Roney