Letter to the Editor - Nice Mural

Dear Editor:

Very nice upgrade to the Battle of Pilot Knob mural painting in North Ironton, on cover of last week’s (June 19) Mountain Echo.

Replacing the distant background mountains with Pilot Knob Mountain, the upgrade to the white fluffy clouds and blue of the sky,  the enhanced haze of battlefield gun smoke and adding the golden, weathered title sign all very nice updates and enhancements depicting for us an otherwise unpleasant day and event.

Also nice deep, cherry red of the upgrade on the caboose at Whistle Junction.  The black paint outlining the windows and top cab set off the red nicely.  Guests from out of town recently and I all enjoyed climbing aboard and visiting a strikingly refurbished red caboose.

‘Glad to see the attention given to the former red granite Ste. Mary’s of the Ozarks hospital out Russell Street, the first of our three hospitals, certainly now nicely cleaned up, where many in my generation and older, and not a few younger also I believe, here were born.

Thank you to the Mountain Echo for publishing in the May 22 issue, for Memorial Day, three of Ernie Pyle’s reports on the 1944 Normandy D-Day Invasion.  The reports there are well-worth reading and if any copies are remaining that article is definitely a keeper.


Kip DeVore